Woman calls 911 while being mauled by bear

She punched it then pretended to be dead

An American woman told a 911 operator ‘please tell my husband I love him’ as a 200lb bear mauled her on a driveway.

Karen Osborne lay bleeding on the floor with a broken arm and bite wounds to her head and torso as she used her mobile phone to call for help.

In horrific audio, released by the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, the 63-year-old can be heard saying: ‘A bear just attacked me. I’m playing in the driveway.

‘Hurry, he’s broken my arms and my legs, I’m bleeding and I’m going to die.’

Miraculously, the woman from Maryland survived the ordeal, but she required more than 70 stitches.

The operator told the woman he will stay on the line until help arrives.

But she says: ‘He’s coming back.’

As the animal circles the woman, she adds: ‘Please tell my husband I love him.’

Karen tried punching the bear and when that didn’t work she played dead.

Her husband, Ronald Osborne, said: ‘She punched him in the face a couple times. She’s a tough babe.‘We’re lucky… It could have ended up a lot worse.’

Ronald said his wife went outside to investigate constant barking from their daughter’s house, who lives next door.

They found the dog had confronted a bear and its cubs, causing the mother bear to attack.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources wildlife specialists later tracked down the bear and put it down.